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02/06/2019 02:58

VINGROUP prides itself on being the leading Business Group in Vietnam that was established and has achieved successes based on Vietnamese intelligence, spirit and aspiration.

VINGROUP takes great pride in walking on the path of development built by a long-standing culture and tireless effort, extraordinary fortitude and of the youthful energy filled with pioneering aspirations of the Vietnamese people.

Vingroup takes great pride in the ability to develop a Vietnamese corporate culture that is unique and distinguishable in identity and traits. The culture is imbued with humanity, affection, a sense of discipline and has been built and accumulated by the intellect and endless creativity of the staff.

Vingroup’s culture has been welcomed, maintained, built up and empowered over time by various generations of staff and has been regarded as a precious asset - a boundless pride of the people who are accompanied by the emblem of the Vietnamese flapping wings.

- Logo: The image of a bird flapping its wings embodies the desire for flying high, reaching for resounding successes.

Typical activities for the development of Vingroup’s culture:

Traditional festivals:

- “Festival to celebrate Vingroup’s Foundation Day (the 8th of August every year): with competitive activities, art performances, sports; Gala Concert; whole-of-Vingroup salary increases, award presentation, honouring excellent Departments/Divisions.

- “Merit acknowledgement Party” (at year-end): featured with art performances, Gala Concert; whole-of-Vingroup salary increases, award presentation and honouring excellent staff.

Internal cultural and sports activities:

- “Sports Day” (Every Friday) with such activities as football, Flashmob, Zumba and Tai-chi.

- “Quarter-end Festival” (on the last Saturday every Quarter) with cultural, music & art, sports activities and partying.

- “Irregular Art and Sport Contests”;

- “Cultural campaigns”, “Mobilization campaigns” following the advocates of the Party and the State such as “Vingroup – saying no to smoking”;
- Organization of periodical summer holidays for the staff and summer camps for staff children.

Internal website:

Internal website “Vingroup – a sweet home”, which constantly reflects information from everyday activity in Vingroup’s departments throughout the country, provides unlimited capacity to meet each member’s needs to access and learn about the company. “Vingroup – a sweet home” is a channel to easily interact, exchange, connect, share and demonstrate individual’s views, a true partner to any staff.