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Development Strategy

As a leading private enterprise in Vietnam with well-recognized brands in residential and commercial real estate, resort hotels and amusement parks, healthcare services, education, and consumer retail, Vingroup has affirmed its position and reputation by consistently following its development strategy, namely:

- Focus on high-quality, large-scale mixed use projects in major cities and further expand into selected strategic cities.

- Grow recurring revenues across targeted consumer segments.

+ Build a robust portfolio of investment properties consisting of commercial real estate, hotels, amusement parks, hospitals and schools, with excellent operational performance.

+ Target the growing disposable income of middle and upper-middle class consumers and meet the increasing needs and more diverse demands of targeted customer segments

- Diversify and increase property income while efficiently managing capital.

- Further strengthen in-house sales, leasing, project management and property management capabilities.

- Increase investment into the retail sector to ensure early detection of consumer trends and achieve the leading position in consumer retail in Vietnam.