VinBrain is a pioneer technology company in AI products for Healthcare. VinBrain’s mission is to infuse AI and IoT into healthcare to improve people’s lives and productivity. VinBrain aims to provide equitable access to the best healthcare solutions, knowledge, and services.

Member companies

  • VinFast


    Originating from Vietnam, VinFast is committed to the vision of becoming a global smart EV brand.

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  • VinES


    Established in 2021, VinES specializes in R&D and manufacturing of high technology lithium batteries and comprehensive energy solutions.

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  • VinAI


    VinAI Artificial Intelligence Application and Research Joint Stock Company under Vingroup - formerly VinAI Research Institute.

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  • VinBigdata


    VinBigData Joint Stock Company was established based on Vingroup Big Data Institute’s scientific achievements in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, especially in image and language processing.

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  • VinCSS


    VinCSS Internet Security Services LLC focuses on R&D and supply of comprehensive, intelligent and automated cybersecurity products and services, as well as passwordless Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions.

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  • VinHMS is a software development company specializing in cutting-edge technology products aimed at optimizing business operations for customers.

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  • VinBrain


    VinBrain is a pioneer technology company in AI products for Healthcare.

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