Corporate Culture

Vingroup brings together the most capable Vietnamese and international professionals who possess intellect and discipline, talent and determination, patriotism and ethnic pride, charity, good intentions and intense work ethics.

Each Vingroup employee must be proactive, eager to learn, constantly strive for self-improvement and internalize the Group’s culture and its six core values as a guideline for his or her actions.

Innovation must be constant and continuous to accomplish the goals of "Best People - Best Products & Services - Best Life - Best Society". With each passing day, all across Vietnam, day and night, rain or shine, projects bearing the Vingroup brand continue to rise. This non-stop effort is to ensure sustained development of the Group and bring future generations a better life.

With the utmost respect for discipline, Vingroups corporate culture - a culture of professionalism and trust is built on the six core values: "CREDIBILITY - INTEGRITY - CREATIVITY - SPEED - QUALITY - HUMANITY". The emphasis on speed, efficiency and adherence to company policies is imbued in all employee actions, creating a collective force that ensures strong success and development in all sectors in which the Group participates.

To instil and reinforce the six core values, the Group holds award contests and training campaigns such as "Good People, Good Deeds", "Efficiency, Profitability" and "12-Hour Transformation for Success". These campaigns entertain, boost morale and reinforce the core values while helping employees to change their thinking and work more efficiently with better results.

At Vingroup, each employee considers the Group a second home, a place to engage and spend the majority of each day to live and work. In any role and any position, we are proud to be a member of the Vingroup family.