Strategic Human Resource

Vingroup considers human capital a core element and most valuable asset of any successful organization. The Group has built a lean staff full of both virtue and talent. Our objective is to attract and welcome any candidate interested in a dynamic work environment that emphasises speed, creativity and efficiency- a place where each individual can maximise development of their capabilities and professional expertise.

Vingroup is committed to creating a modern and professional work environment for employees to maximise their career development and opportunities in a place where their dedication is appreciated and honoured - a harmonious alignment of employer interests and the rights and benefits of employees.

Vingroup puts special emphasis on the development its people through regular and effective training designed to enhance their knowledge and professional qualifications. Better, more qualified employees have the added benefit of becoming worthy representatives of Vingroup under all circumstances. Dedication to training is another way that Vingroup contributes to the improvement in quality of the general Vietnamese labour force.