HÀ NỘI — Property developer Vingroup JSC (Vingroup) officially launched its botanical park in Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, named Vạn Hoa Hill, on Sunday." /> HÀ NỘI — Property developer Vingroup JSC (Vingroup) officially launched its botanical park in Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, named Vạn Hoa Hill, on Sunday." />


Vinpearl Land to launch botanical park


Located at the highest point of Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, Vạn Hoa Hill is one of the most unique botanical parks in Việt Nam in terms of scale and variety of species.

With its collection of thousands of flowers and herbs from all continents, the Hill is not only an attractive destination in the summer of 2017, but is also a knowledgeable paradise of a diverse and lively natural habitat, supporting visual exploration for study and research purposes.

The park owns a chain of five greenhouses and three outdoor gardens, providing a colourful natural world from different continents. The collections are arranged according to climatic zones -- from temperate, tropical to African deserts -- including Vietnamese garden, Japanese garden, European garden and African garden.

The European garden is considered one of the highlights of Vạn Hoa Hill. If the temperate greenhouse has typically seasonal flowers such as tulip, hyacinth and begonia, the rose garden is a fragrant world with some 10,000 beautiful roses.

The orchid greenhouse is covered by over 500 species of orchids from Thailand, Taiwan and Việt Nam. In particular, there are some rare orchid species that are valuable for biology and research, such as Paplliopedilum Vietnamense (Hài Bóng orchid) or Dendrobium trantuanii (Hoàng Thảo Trần Tuấn orchid).


The African wildlife offers an “open desert zone” and a greenhouse with the presence of unique species, such as Baobab tree (250 years), Chorisia tree or Oliu tree, which are over 500 years old. Besides this, Africa zone owns a collection of over 400 species of cactus and more than 200 kinds of succulent plants. There is also an Aboriginal Village where visitors can enjoy, explore and experience the wild lifestyle of African tribes.

For Asian delegates, the Japanese garden is highlighted for its meditation with Podocarpus macrophyllus, Ficus benjamina, Nootka cypress or bonsai.


The Việt Nam garden is familiar with its outdoor lotus and water lily ponds, a variety of daisy types and winter flowers in the greenhouse.

To grow various plant species from different climates in the world, Vinpearl Land has invested in five greenhouses ranging from 1,000 to 2,000sq.m by France’s Marchegay Technologies.


All greenhouses use PRIVA sensing technology to regulate the inside microclimate, ensuring the best climatic and soil conditions for the dominant species.

The combination of outdoor gardens, lakes with bungalows and greenhouses has created a unique terrain, adding wonderful experiences for exploring the botanical paradise.

Vạn Hoa Hill is the third-largest natural collection of Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, after the aquatic collection at the Aquarium and the precious birds collection in King’s garden. — VNS


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